Strategic Hospital Alliance Program or SHAP

The Strategic Hospital Alliance Program, or SHAP, was launched in 2010 and is managed by the hospital’s Marketing and Sales Services Division. The program is geared toward sharing MakatiMed’s services to the rest of the country by establishing partnerships with hospitals, clinics and facilities located in other cities and the provinces across the Philippines. It has also partnered with several individuals and company providers engaged in the referral business for health services abroad to help reach Filipinos and foreigners needing world-class compassionate medical care. For more information, please contact or

LCM Diagnostics

Borough Medical Clinic

Sacred Heart Diagnostic Medical Center, Inc.

Calamba Doctors' Hospital

Repro Optima Center for Reproductive Health, Inc.

De Vera's Medical Center

Riverside Medical Center (Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital)

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Salamat Center

Ranada General Hospital

Ospital ng Makati

Cardinal Santos Medical Center