Job Vacancies

    Universal Biller


    Patient Service Representative

    The Patient Service Representative (PSR) is responsible for providing frontine servicing patients in the assigned unit/ department that includes handling of patient registration, encoding of patient/diagnostic test data, receiving of specimen, billing, and releasing of results. He/she also handles phone and face-totface inquiries, complaints, and assists with other administrative requirements of the department.

    Center for Osteoporosis and Bone Health Technologist

    The Center for Osteoporosis & Bone Health (COBH) Technologist is responsible for the accurate execution of the diagnostic examination for patients of the center in accordance with the local and international standards.

    Credit Officer

    The Credit Officer handles progress billings and collection efforts for all confined patients and emergency room (ER)-floater, discharge coordination, and payment arrangements at discharge when patient is unable to pay in full. He/she acts as the patient's main point person in all billing related matters.

    Team Leader, Credit Services

    The Team Leader supervises the Credit Officers in the financial evaluation and collection efforts for all confined patients. He/she ensures that the Credit Officers effectively coordinate the discharge of confined patients and negotiate payment arrangements when patients are unableto pay in full. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the Credit Officers under him/her are highly competent and meet the agreed upon service level and quality standards, while strictly adhering to the existing policies and procedures of the hospital.

    Executive Liaison Officer

    As MMC's frontline contact, the Executive Liaison is responsible for personally assisting patients undergoing executive health check-up in all tests and procedures to be taken. He/she attemds to all the needs, concerns and queries of executive health check-up patients.

    Training Officer, Service Operations

    The Service Operations Training Officer conducts training programs related to the hospital systems (Integrated Hospital Information Management Systems, Records of Datasheet, WHaM, etc.) and the professional development of all frontline personnel (competency enhancement, New Employee Systems Training, and other staff development programs of the division). He/she is also responsible for the pre-screening and endorsement of applicants for vacant positions in the division.

    General Administrative Services Officer

    The General Administrative Services Officer assists in the day-to-day operations of the hospital through monitoring the upkeep and status of its physical facilities under the guidance of general house rules and hospital guidelines. He/she also acts as the liaison between Makati Medical Center (MMC), hospital units and departments, concessionaires, tenants, and doctor’s clinics with regards to the monitoring, coordinating, and control of all maintenance activities under the unit's area of responsibility.

    Contact Center Representative

    The Contact Center Representative is the frontline contact of Makati Medical Center (MMC), responsible for handling inbound calls and other patient-related servicing, which include responding to various queries, providing information and assistance, and handling complaints and feedback while maintaining a high level of service quality and medical knowledge to meet service level standards. He/she is expected to facilitate and document all received calls and transactions into the centralized call center network/database.

    Credit Authorizer (Registered Nurse)

    The Authorizer facilitates the granting of credit authorization on all Emergency Department discharges and selected out-patient transactions of accredited companies. He/she also ensures the fast, efficient and accurate discharge of all patients covered by a health maintenance organization (HMO), insurance or company guarantee.